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As above…

Because cardpost keeps getting "Error: Post too large" from LJ (.__.) ";;;

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As above… *long-suffering sigh.* ...my logs're way too wordy. orz

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little victories today

. woke up at a semidecent time (because i was mostly dead all(?!unwarranted. =/) of ytd, but still..)
. got out of bed
. had brunch at a decent brunchtime.. (11-ish thank you brother ><" ♥ )
. successfully reworked RAM jam-up on two devices
. interacted with 5 people (3 were online, but still. all 5're nonfamily?)
. managed some of my metabolism 2bx

. might be on track still to:
- manage a load of laundry and hit the room's excavation some
- manage to Leave The House
- manage the stamina track activity (pool, ten laps [probably slower than usual because arrrms])
- manage to do the getOut thing twice and run financiallyIncomeNow activity
- manage to curate arrange and deal for the replacement necessaryfo0twear for that other avenue of IncomeNow worktype tonight [probably difficult to concurrently do with that last entry, but not impossible..]
- work on dad's stuff

it's 1500, let's see how things go. edits4progress[or not] later..

delurks for random

Mental WinAmp has been doing nothing but random lyric snatches all day that i've just wound up singing along to/with before/without even realising the origins of..

((Since I started paying attention i've had
Keiken no tsumikasanete Shiren norikoeru tabi ni Tsuyokunaru kizuna~
Yume yo, asaki yume yo Watashi ga koko ni imasu..
Mou.wasureyo-u Kinou no nayami wa.ira-nai~
Uuuurara uchuuu no kaze ni noruuuuu~
Mata anata no.kimagure ga.ugokidashi.ta~
(Opening sax intro to Sekai no Hate Made Believe Heart)
Yasashisa no kakera mo mienai..
Zutto.kimi to ikitekun dane; boku no.senaka ni wa hane ga.aru
Triple iikoto ga atta.nandaka ii kibun~
--AAAAnata no ai wa PAARADAAIS'
(...i always only hear this song in the shiraishi minoru version..)
..and then trying to switch off s.minoru I get ueda yuuji's Takeshi.no.PAARADAAIS' back in head again sigh. Go womanizing elsewhere, 'Brock'..

what is this randomspam. Time to just put some actual tracks down to play, I guess...))

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Production Line, the biweekly donating game which has gone off-schedule yet again for Wednesday T__T I'm So Sorry; may I thoroughly blame work and a very distracted me. /coughs

Uh-oh. It's never a good sign when Ian's got that look, nevermind hijacking Mileina's bridgecam to uhh relay just how not-good;
things aren't on-schedule, and they need to be —fast, before Celestial Being gets overwhelmed by the baddies.
Help out with tying up loose ends in the hangars and be rewarded!Collapse )

Week 1 of this round runs up-to-and-including April 26, and Week 2 til the end of May the 3rd!

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